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Clinic Policies

WHAT TO EXPECT: The RCVR Clinic strives to be the pinnacle of manual therapy in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. We push to be the industry standard by using highly qualified practitioners, empirical evidence-based research, and quality orthopaedic testing, all to personalize a treatment plan catered to you! Every condition is different and we pride ourselves in being able to address a variety of conditions. Our duty of care does not stop at the end of your session. Self care, educational resources, and/or helpful exercise prescriptions will be emailed to you within a reasonable time and if needed, to help aid in the recovery! Further, our staff will strive to address any questions and can easily be reached via phone, text or email after your treatment is done.


All personal information collected will be handled in accordance with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as PHIPA for Ontario.


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for patients under the influence of illicit, non-prescribed drugs as well as alcohol. A patient arriving for treatment who is believed to be under the influence, by the therapist, will be required to forfeit their appointment resulting in a cancellation; therefore the patient will be required to pay for the intended treatment time as per the cancellation agreement.


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for harassment. Any circumstance of harassment will be dealt with accordingly.


CANCELLATION: Patients must notify the therapist at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a charge of the full fee.


LATE: Patients who are late will be granted the time they purchased, however, no further time will be given.


Receipt Issuance: Receipts will be provided post treatment. It is the responsibility of the patient to understand their extended health benefits and submit claims. If the insurance requires a copy of the intake form and findings, one will be provided free of charge to the patient where consent is given.


INTAKE FORMS: Intake forms must be completed to the best of the patients’ ability. Failure to do so will result in more assessment time to complete the necessary intake questions. This is for your safety and to determine any indications and/or contraindications to treatment as well as the development of customized treatment plan to address the aforementioned impairments or conditions. 


INFORMED CONSENT: Informed Consent must be maintained throughout the treatment and assessment. If the patient feels uncomfortable, it is their right to address with the therapist, to halt or stop treatment at any time, or adjust the treatment plan. Any questions will be answered to the best of our ability.


ALLERGIES: We try to use chemical free and sensitive lotions, oils, or topicals; however, the patient should address any allergies to the therapist.


Rescheduling: Reach out via email, phone, or text to alter or change an upcoming appointment. Re: LATE and CANCELLATION policy as these will apply.


PAYMENT: Payment will be required upon receipt of service. We gratefully accept cash and interac e-transfer.

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